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Celebrating Local Artists

Flanner Buchanan’s
“Indiana the Beautiful” Art Collection

One of our state’s great contributions to American art is the artwork that was produced after the turn of the 20th Century in Brown County.  When word of that area’s unspoiled natural beauty began to spread, artists like Adolph and Ada Shulz, T.C. Steele, and L.O. Griffith flocked to Nashville.  Their paintings gained national recognition because the hills, valleys, and haystacks of Brown County depicted the “simple life” in splendid color. These artists are considered the masters of their time.

We celebrate this visual essence of the Midwestern spirit by displaying works by these and other Indiana artists in our locations. We have recently added names of excellent local artists to our collection: Todd Reiffers, Mary Ann Davis, David Seward, Robert Eberle and Chris Newlund.

As a company founded in 1881, we are proud to grow old with these works that never seem to age. The public is invited to visit our locations at any time to see these works.

Todd Reifers – All in a Day’s Work

L.O. Griffith – The Return

T.C. Steele – Sunny Road

Will Vawter - Autumn in Brown County

Will Vawter – Autumn in Brown County

David Cunningham – Family

Fournier - Woodland with Stream

Fournier – Woodland with Stream

Graff - Bean Blossom Barn

Graff – Bean Blossom Barn

Harden - Main Street Zionsville

Harden – Main Street Zionsville

Chris Newlund - Hoover Valley in Brown County

Chris Newlund – Hoover Valley in Brown County

Townsend - Summer Indiana Hay Mounds

Townsend – Summer Indiana Hay Mounds

Dan Woodson

Bundy – Youth and Old Age

Eggemeyer – Richmond Road

Mary Ann Davis – Stream Scene

Rigley – Lilly Pond and Weeds

Carini – The Hermitage

L.O. Griffith – Cabin and Sycamores

L.O. Griffith – Woman in Garden