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Experience New Traditions

Flanner Buchanan is not just unique to Indianapolis, but to the nation. Always ahead of the curve, we have been recognized nationally since the 19th century as leaders in our field. We were the first mortuary in this region of the United States to install and operate a crematory.

For nearly 150 years, our company has provided families with the best possible experience during the most difficult times in their lives.  This means we are making constant improvements for the benefit of the families we serve. We’ve grown along with the city and are connected to its people, so we want to reach out and provide the services they need, even as their needs continue to change.

Part of that change means embracing the newest technologies, new traditions, and providing comfortable surroundings with modern decor. At the heart of it, though, is a desire to simplify our processes, so that we can create the most caring and unique services, burials, and cremation Indianapolis has to offer.

We are proud to offer families the convenience of having a funeral home, a reception center, a cemetery, a crematory, a monument company, and more, all in one place.

Customer Review

Dawn Spears

They are the best I've seen yet.