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Receptions & Catering

Many of our locations showcase comfortable, modern reception centers, perfect for catered events after the funeral. They are warm, inviting, and have been the setting for countless gatherings where friends and family have laughed, cried, reminisced, and started the healing process together.

Customized Catering Services

At Flanner Buchanan, we realize that families are seeking familiar yet delicious and comforting menu options during this very difficult time. We offer catering services for any size group, from simple deli delights to elaborate buffets. Our director of catering will help you choose the best options to meet your specific needs.

Preferred Caterer Information

MCL is the exclusive caterer for all Flanner Buchanan event centers. All food and beverages for events must be provided by MCL.

Additional caterers available at the Community Life Center only:

Jonathan Byrd’s   •   Onsite Catering   •   Kountry Kitchen

For information regarding food, beverage, and catering, contact us at (317) 396-3726.