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Bruce W. Buchanan
Fourth-Generation Owner

What does it mean to experience a new tradition?

Certain rituals, such as gathering with family and friends to honor the life a loved one, are just as valuable to us now as they were to our ancestors. The ritual itself, however, does not have to follow a rigid format established by a prior generation or any other person’s standards.

At Flanner Buchanan, we find that families greatly appreciate the freedom and guidance we offer in fostering their new traditions. Instead of presenting cookie-cutter funeral options, we consult with each family to create a fitting and personal tribute that reflects an individual’s life and passions. In fact, golf carts, complete race cars, and a village of Legos are among the items other families have used to bring the essence of a loved one into the service.

Our role is to assist you in defining the distinctive elements, thereby arranging a farewell that is all the more purposeful and comforting. With beautifully furnished, updated facilities, the experience may also include food, music, video, and more. You’ll know that your loved one would have felt honored and deeply touched.

Creating a new tradition is your privilege. Flanner Buchanan is here to make yours a truly meaningful experience and healing memory.

Kathy’s Story

Kathy Brown talks about how she planned a tribute for her Sister, Diana Anderson. Diana was a caring individual who enjoyed knitting and gave her time in service to others. Kathy shares how our staff were able to help her navigate the options and remove the fear of the unknown regarding the services available for cremation. We are honored to have her permission to share her experiences with you.