Cremation Simplified2018-04-17T12:02:19-04:00

Cremation is as Simple as Four Choices

  1. How will you celebrate the life lived?

Many families choose a viewing and ceremony, followed by cremation. Some choose a memorial ceremony honoring the life with photographs and memorabilia.  Others choose to have a less formal event in one of our private settings. These events can be catered and be all about the individual and their passions during life.

  1. Choose a cremation container.

State law requires the placement of the decedent in a cremation container. It is required for the health and safety of our staff for lifting and moving, as well as for the dignity of your loved one. For ceremonies, choices include wood caskets, ceremonial caskets with replaceable interiors, or decorative cloth-covered caskets.

  1. Your choice of an urn for your loved one’s cremated remains.

Your loved ones cremated remains will be placed in an urn. We have a wide selection to choose from. In addition to wood, metal, and stone options, there are biodegradable urns, miniature keepsake urns, scattering tubes, and cremation jewelry items.

  1. Where will your loved one be remembered?

Many families choose placement at a cemetery. For families looking for a unique option, we have special gardens and trails within our cemeteries dedicated to the placement of cremated remains. You can also choose placement in columbariums, boulders, and traditional ground burial.