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Peace of mind, when it is needed most

All it takes is a little time to get started. Most people find the hardest part of planning is just making the decision to start the process. We make it easy and families gain the peace of mind of having the plans in place.

Planning Ahead Is an Act of Love

  • You get the funeral you and your family want.
  • Your family will not be left to plan with unanswered questions.
  • You save money through pre-funding.
  • You’re protected from inflation down the road.
  • Your funeral plan is transferable in the instance that you move.

Don’t leave this burden for those you care about most, contact us today to start the conversation.

Flanner Buchanan – The Importance of Preplanning

In caring for families for nearly 150 years, we have seen the difference preplanning has made for countless families. Families that have planned ensured that their loved ones will not be left with unanswered questions during a time of great sorrow. Watch our video to learn more about the importance and benefits of preplanning.

A Personal Story About Planning in Advance

Ginny Campbell talks about how her parents gave her the gift of planning in advance. We are honored she is sharing her experiences for others to know how it made a difference to her and her family. To learn more about planning in advance call (317) 387-7000.

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