20 12, 2017

Making It Through Chistmas

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What does Christmas mean to you? For many people, it’s a joyous time of year, a time to celebrate family and friends, and a time to be grateful for life’s blessings, remembering important days gone by and rejoicing in the present moment. For others, Christmas can be a painful time of year. The vacant spaces left by lost loved ones make them wish the holidays would pass quickly. How do you celebrate Christmas, when you don’t feel like celebrating anything? Don’t cancel Christmas. It may be tempting to hide away from the holiday, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice. [...]

19 12, 2017

Sixty Years Later

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Is there anything more valuable, and sometimes more complicated, than human connections? Emotionally, humans are rather fragile wouldn’t you say? We seek reassurance and confirmation at times, and race for shelter and isolation at other times. Those of us in the end-of-life business see this played out every day. I recently read a story which illustrates this reality in its extreme. In the early stages of World War I, a truce was called along the battle lines in Europe to honor the Christmas holiday. Soldiers left their bunkers and met their enemy in the fighting zone. They broke bread and sang [...]