Is cremation a substitution for a funeral?

No. Cremation is simply a method of preparing human remains for final disposition.


Can you have a funeral service with cremation?

Yes. It is a matter of family preference. It will depend on how you wish to celebrate the life of your loved one. One of the advantages of cremation is that it provides you with increased flexibility when scheduling your funeral arrangement. You can choose to:


There are many options available to celebrate a life lived. Ask any member of our staff and they will be glad to assist you.


Is embalming necessary for cremation?

No. It is your choice. This decision will depend on factors such as whether the family wants to have a public viewing of the body with an open casket, or to enhance the deceased’s appearance for a private family viewing.


Is a casket required for cremation?

If there were going to be a public viewing or showing, then a casket would be required. Any casket made of combustible material (wood or wood products) can be used. If the deceased will not be shown, a casket is not required. However, the crematory requires a decedent be placed in an acceptable rigid container. This container must be combustible and strong enough to assure the protection of the deceased and the health and safety of the crematory operator. These containers are made of pressed board and cardboard.


What can be done with the cremains?

With cremation, there are many creative and personalized options for final disposition. The cremated remains can be:


Can a casket be rented instead of purchased when choosing cremation?

Yes. We offer a hardwood ceremonial casket for viewing or funeral services prior to cremation. The ceremonial (or rental) casket is specifically designed to provide a very aesthetically pleasing, affordable and environmentally prudent alternative to purchasing a casket for a cremation service.


Do you have your own crematory?

Yes. Flanner and Buchanan owns and operates its own crematory. This state-of-the-art facility is located in downtown Indianapolis at the corner of Market Street and College Avenue. For your peace of mind this center is used for the sole purpose of serving Flanner and Buchanan families.


If I am cremated, can I be buried with my spouse even if he or she was in a casket?

Yes. Depending upon the cemetery’s policy, you may be able to have your cremated remains buried on top of the casketed remains of your spouse, or utilize the space provided next to him/her.