A Place to Remember

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Most often, families that choose cremation have a specific place in mind to place the cremated remains of their loved one. They may choose a grave, niche, or mausoleum, a beautiful scattering garden or scattering in a lake or the sea. There are times when families are not sure what they want to do. Often in those times, a loved ones cremated remains will end up on the shelf of a closet, or left in the trunk of the car. Hardly the way that anyone should be, or wants to be remembered. When uncertainty or differences occur as to where to place the cremated remains we can offer an alternative compromise. A portion of the cremated remains, usually a half of a cup full, can be permanently placed in our “ossuary”, an in-ground scattering receptacle. This would allow the family to have a permanent location to come and visit the memory of their loved one while giving them the time needed to make the best decision for the final resting place. The name of your loved one can be placed on a small bronze plaque and installed near the ossuary, or carved into a natural stone at the site to memorialize their life. Your funeral professional will discuss these and other options with you to determine what may be best for your needs.


Glass Front Niches

5794176608_9a61b96c36[1]Traditional does not necessarily mean impersonal.  Glass front niches afford families the opportunity to express the life lived in a truly unique fashion.  Mementos of love, family photos, and urns can be displayed for all to see.






Custom Tributes

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Many cemeteries now offer you a more personal choice in memorialization.  Pictured on this page are examples of customized memorial tributes.  These special features will truly display the love and self-expression of a family for their loved one.  This stunning memorial will be left to tell the story of a life lived and celebrated.






Memorial Bench


What makes this feature is unique in the comforting tradition of in-ground burial by offering the memorialization of your loved by inscribing on an up-right memorial bench.  This option is offered for those families that choose cremation, but desire the reverence of a time-honored tradition by memorialization on an upright marker.



Cumberland Trails

4009828670_dee99bc730[1]Cumberland Trails (pictured left) are a carefully planned cremation garden that offers a natural setting for memorials, inurnment or scattering for families seeking a permanent place for remembrance. Nature’s timeless yet ever-changing beauty creates a living memorial to your loved one at Cumberland Trails. Located in the northeast corner of Washington Park East Cemetery and intertwined with native plantings of Indiana Cumberland Trails is a two acre wooded area in the midst of the city. As you pass through its granite and limestone entry way, a curving path paved with crushed granite, invites you to wander among the trees and natural rock landscaping. Permanent placement of cremains is available within selected stones (example at top right), in the earth, or in the entry way columbarium and central memorial structure. Scattering is always an option in our ossuary or in the ground.