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Burial Options

For families choosing burial, we offer more burial options than any other provider. If you have questions, call us at (317) 387-7000.

Religious or Spiritual Burial Options

Religious / Spiritual Services

Flanner Buchanan can create a tribute around your traditions and provide clergy or a non-denominational celebrant. We can also arrange for services at your place of worship.

Memorial Services and Burial Options

Memorial Services

Your family may choose to have a memorial service with or without your loved one present. We can schedule this service at a time that is convenient for your family.

Life Celebrations

Life Celebrations

We offer beautiful, modernized spaces for creative life celebration events. Families have created unique and interactive events that are defined by their personal interests and life story.

Funeral Catering & Catered Reception Services

Catered Receptions

Many families choose to include a catered reception as a part of their service. We offer many catering options in our dignified, private venues.

Military Honors Burial Options

Military Honors

Flanner Buchanan has helped honor thousands of veterans. In addition to the funeral service of their choice, we ensure veterans obtain all available benefits, an American flag, and can arrange military honors.

Green Burial Options

Green Burial

Flanner Buchanan offers many eco-friendly options, including green burial. This type of natural burial does not involve the use of embalming chemicals and everything (including the casket) is quickly biodegradable.

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Customer Review

Jake Martens

I would like to thank the staff of Flanner Buchanan Washington Park East for all of their assistance in the arrangements for my wife. I would especially like to recognize Zoe Norris for being so supportive and compassionate about ensuring the services were how we wanted them to go. She was amazing to work with, very professional, but so understanding and willing to make this difficult time for my family and I her top priority. I would not have been able to get through with everything if it had not been for her. I am truly grateful for everything that she did for me, my kids and for the services honoring my wife.